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A lighthearted retro RPG with two intertwining storylines and lots of chicken nuggets.

Step into the shoes of Prince Carlton and pauper Gregg as they make their separate ways through a forgotten kingdom. Guided by mysterious wise men, the two set out on adventures into the great unknown. Unbeknownst to each other, their paths run parallel.

With a variety of recruitable companions, countless secrets, and a non-linear character selection screen, no two runs of Pillars of Dust will be quite the same! Will you be the first to unlock the truths of Alluriga and get the coveted 100% completion?

- You choose the order! Play through each character's story in the order of your choosing
- Two main characters with intersecting storylines
- One-liners and puns galore
- Snappy RPG combat
- 8-bit style graphics and chiptunes
- Fast-paced gameplay - no grinding necessary
- Streamlined menus and inventory system
- Chicken nugget-based economy and collectible cheese

Developed by Retreaux Games and published by Something Classic (developer of Shadows of Adam).


Buy Now$6.99 USD or more

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Fitting music and nice pixel art! If this game will be updated any further, I'm encountering a few UI issues:

  • It would be very nice if at least just in the main menu, Escape doubles as X.
  • I like to hold an arrow key before dialogue ends so that as soon as the dialogue ends, I can start moving. However, preemptively holding an arrow key in this game doesn't seem to register anything.
  • There seems to be some sort of cumbersome selection delay in the menu; if I tap Up or Down and hit Z quickly, nothing happens and I have to hit Z again.

Appreciate the feedback! I actually thought that move inputs buffered during dialogue, kind of surprised it doesn't. Will have to look into it. Likewise not sure about the delay in the menu, but will check. 


We previously mistakenly uploaded an exe file that was tied to Steam, but the new file should run normally when executed. 

If you downloaded the previous file, just delete it and download the current one and you should be good to go. 

How do I run this game?  After extracting the .zip and run the .exe, all it does is open the Steam Store page.


So, the download is the steam version it seems. It has the steam api file within the file directory. 

I sent word to the publish / devs on facebook. Should see an update soon! :D

We're on it! Thanks for letting us know. We were moving fast to get this uploaded and included in the bundle, but we will replace the zip file shortly. 


Thank ya~! :D


The new zip has been uploaded - should work with no Steam issues!


Works perfect! Thank ya!

The new zip has been uploaded - should work with no Steam issues!


Great game.  Thanks again!